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BURGER KING® Diversity and Inclusion

At Burger King Corporation, we recognize that each individual’s unique characteristics have an important impact on all aspects of our business.  Individual expression is the cornerstone of diversity and helps BKC lives its values of being Bold, Empowered, Accountable, Meritocratic, and Fun.


During our 60-year history, we have strived for fresh and innovative approaches to our business that will recognize the ever-changing and evolving communities we serve. In this regard, our beliefs in equality and inclusion reach all of our stakeholders, so our diversity program covers five primary areas.  They are:


- Employee Recruitment and Retention.  We strive for true meritocracy, regardless of any protected status.  We utilize a broad spectrum of recruiting methods to hire    top-notch talent with varying backgrounds and perspectives.  We encourage our employees to adopt an ownership mentality, which allows them to apply their unique vantage points to help move the business forward. 

- Franchisee Relations.  We foster strong relationships with our franchisee community, and this means always keeping our eye open for new, diverse franchise partners to help grow our business. Our Inclusion Advisory Council is a group of diverse franchisees that helps integrate diversity and inclusion into all aspects of the BURGER KING® business strategy, including franchisee relations.

- Supplier Diversity.  We celebrate the unique qualities and backgrounds that make each of us different and allow us to be strong contributors in our business as well as in the communities in which we work and live. This extends to our roster of diverse suppliers. BKC has an ongoing commitment to diversity and inclusion that is woven into our business strategy and culture and has made our company stronger and more responsive both internally and externally.

- Marketing to our Guests.  Our global brand positioning is focused on authenticity, which means we work to be a place where our guests can come and be themselves, regardless of their background.

- Community.  We have strategic partnerships that contribute to our communities with practical educational opportunities that we believe will provide important skills – particularly, in underserved communities.


For any inquiries regarding BKC’s diversity and inclusion efforts, please contact:

Chief Diversity Officer

Associate General Counsel, HR & Compliance

5505 Blue Lagoon Drive

Miami, FL 33126 | 305.378.3889


We appreciate your interest in BKC!


Daniel Schwartz

Chief Executive Officer